Heading for an adventure

Here we are, all set and ready to head forward for an adventure. And not just any kind of an adventure – a museum adventure! We would like to take you along with us.

Museums – this are the places where we spend a lot of our time, and we care about them. Therefore, we decided to start writing a blog, where we will reflect our museum thoughts, we will visit the current exhibitions and review the museological point of them. We will feed you with our crumbs of museum thinking and will be very glad and grateful for your feedback. Oh, and not to forget, we will invite some guests to tell their ideas, thoughts, and concerns they are facing with regarding the museums.

Our prior concern is – what many experts on the field of museology are talking about already for a while now – museums need to change! Additionally to that, our brains are tackling with why are museums in Slovenia a rather irrelevant topic among the people; what can be done for the museums to revive; what the role of young experts is; etc.

Basically, we wish to share our quiet thoughts with you, out loud, and start at least a tiny wind of fresh museum breeze. Come and join us.