Museum Tea Parties

We really like to talk a lot about the museums. This is how it is, if you work in the same field and you face related issues, goals, challenges, insecurities. At some point however, we realized, we wanted to talk about this also with the others – with museum staff, museum professionals, curators, all who are interested in museums. We also dreamed of a cosy atmosphere, open debates and stunning experiences of others. That’s why we came up with the idea of Museum Tea Parties. Therefore, we filled the EuroVision Lab. central exhibition space – a Time Capsule, which was itself already welcoming the guests with its cosy and homely atmosphere, with chairs and invited guests, with whom we wanted to chat. Each of us took over one tea party, therefore three events lined up in a row to wake up the sleepy November evenings. To make sure, everything was as it should be, we dragged a pile of different cups from home, which were accumulated over the years, and we cooked litres and litres of tea. It was, the way we wanted it to be – visitors were greeted by the pleasant aroma of tea and coffee, guests were very pleasant and chatty, and thus we were able to discuss most interesting topics.

Since we wish there would be more such events, and we know many of you couldn’t make it to the museum tea parties, we have prepared the next three posts as a short summary of the evenings with video recordings of the museum chitchats.

Guests 1st Tea Party




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