In a gallery after dark. With a smartphone.

Urška Purg

Imagine a bunch of smartphone and SocWeb lovers placed in a national gallery, where you are greeted with Please, turn off your cell mobile phones and other such requests at the entrance. It’s just like Wacky Races with a hint of sophistication – alive, loud, fun, perhaps a bit messy, however no competition against one another, but rather a search for the best and favourite museum piece and the before unseen.

This is exactly what happened on Tuesday evening in freshly renovated National Gallery of Slovenia, when it closed its doors for the public. We had a remarkable opportunity to walk around the gallery with lovely hosts, take photos on every corner and also see every bit of the gallery, although the grand after-renovation opening follows in a week.

They took great care of us, once all gathered, had quite some surprises up their sleeves, and they even prepared a sweet testing of their new cake Luiza, named after its inspiration – Stroj’s Luiza Pesjak. I greet their hospitality and boldness in allowing a rather large group of people to walk around the still not completely finished gallery with pleasure. It was interesting and appealing, even for someone, who used to know the entire permanent collection by hard.

All I can say is – I wish there were more such events around museums and galleries.


The feeling is slightly surreal, yet comfortable. / Kar nežno čuden, ampak udoben občutek.


And my favourite – the one, who outgrew the frame (Vavpotič’s wife). / In še moja najljubša – tista, ki je uspela prerasti okvir (Vavpotičeva žena).


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