Museum Tea Party: Social Responsibility of Museums

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015 we have gathered once again at the National Museum of Contemporary History in the framework of projects of the EMEE – EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe and Accessibility of cultural heritage to vulnerable groups to perform the second museum tea party. This time we invited for a chat the three representatives of the main Slovenian museum organizations: president of the Slovenian Committee of the International Council of Museums ICOM, Tanja Roženbergar M.A., president of Slovene Museum Association (SMS), Aleksandra Berberih Slana Ph.D. and president of the Slovenian Museum Society (SMD), Flavio Bonin Ph.D.

At first, all three guests have presented their professional organizations to which they preside. ICOM is committed to the development of museums and museum professionals, whereas it connects the Slovenian museums and museology with the international space. SMS represents and promotes the museums and galleries and links them with the aim of solving professional problems and statuses, while the SMD is a professional association of Slovenian museum workers, which also aims for the development of Slovenian museum profession. Further on, they continued with evaluation of Slovene museums and a museum profession from the organizations’ point of view; and have in this manner highlighted the strengths and the gaps in the functioning of the Slovenian museums. They presented some good examples of museum operation and projects, which show that Slovene museums implement the modern museological directions: accessibility, public participation, responsiveness to current events. In this context, they also discussed the museums responding to the current refugee situation and thus combined the two features of contemporary museum: responsibility and involvement.

Our lovely guests also spoke of the importance and power of heritage and museums in our space and pointed to their weak strength in comparison to the situation abroad.

You are invited to listen and watch the video (this time unfortunately only in Slovene language) from the tea party.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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