Museum Tea Party: The future of museums with the young museologists

On Tuesday, 17 November 2015, we performed our third museum tea party at the National Museum of Contemporary History in the framework of projects of the EMEE – EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe and Accessibility of cultural heritage to vulnerable groups. The third museum tea party was dedicated to the views, thoughts and experiences of the young museum professionals and museologists. We chitchatted with PhD Saša Starec, Meta Kordiš, Neja Tomšič (MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art) and Sebastian Weber (Museum of Recent History Celje).

Our guests have presented their experiences in working in museums or the research they have been conducting on the museums. Saša Starec talked about her doctoral research, which was carried out in two museums, in Celje and Berlin, and explained the differences in their operation. She defined the concept of post-museum (Hooper-Greenhill, 2000) that advocates the public participation in the creation of museum content. It enables the creation of polyphony in museums, which allows the stories of those who have so far been overlooked or ignored in museums to be heard. Neja Tomšič presented the MoTA status for their placement in a museum world. It is a multidisciplinary platform, released from what at first was a society, dedicated to the research and presentation of transient, experimental and live art practices. Naming themselves as a museum, was a decision they came upon, because they want – through their practices – question the role of the museum today, introduce new work processes and create different collections. Meta Kordiš spoke about her cooperation with the Maribor Art Gallery, where she co-curated an exhibition US, YOU, THEY. Fragments of 80’s alternative practices in Maribor. Her efforts have coincided with the social developments in Maribor in 2013, as she investigated social changes and alternatives that have taken place in Maribor in the 80’s. She approached the matter by researching this heritage, in cooperation with its most prominent representatives, while every inhabitant of Maribor was invited to supplement the exhibition. Sebastian Weber has described his love for work on the field and working with people, both of which he is trying to – as much as possible –implement in all of his projects. Upon his arrival at work at the museum, almost a decade ago, he has noticed the lack of the younger generation in museums, who in his opinion do not come, either because of lack of interest, or lack of time. Therefore, he tried to get closer to this generation by usage of social networks and its integration in the creation of exhibition called Virtual Spaces.
You are invited to listen the museum tea party (unfortunately only in Slovene language).

Muzeji v prihodnosti z mladimi muzealci 1/2

Muzeji v prihodnosti z mladimi muzealci 2/2


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